Cadillac Escalade 2021-2023 Belltech 1"-3.5" Rear Lowering Street Performance Strut

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Fits: Chevrolet Tahoe 2WD/4WD 2021, 2022, 2023

Chevrolet Suburban 2WD/4WD 2021, 2022, 2023

GMC Yukon 2WD/4WD 2021, 2022, 2023

GMC Yukon XL 2WD/4WD 2021, 2022, 2023

Cadillac Escalade 2WD/4WD 2021, 2022, 2023

Belltech Part# 25022

Belltech Street Performance Lowering Front Struts are designed as a performance replacement for today's Strut equipped Trucks and SUV's
In true Belltech style, the Street Performance Lowering Struts not only provide the performance & safety that you can only get from Belltech but offers the installer the choice on the amount of drop desired from one-part number. Thanks to our patented ring and perch system, you now have the ability to choose from oem stock height to as much as 3" of drop in half inch increments.
The Street Performance lowering strut lineup has been engineered to provide a premium ride quality for today's trucks and SUV's. By focusing their attention on the low speed compression and rebound characteristics, the Belltech engineers have developed a great balance between comfort for your everyday commute and overall performance for those spirited drives.

 Lowering your vehicle does not mean you must sacrifice the feel of a luxury suspension system. Belltech's Street Performance Lowering struts give you the ability to lower your 2021+ Tahoe or Yukon 1500 and upgrade your OE suspension. These struts were engineered by a group of vehicle enthusiasts who take great pride in outdoing their competition. The struts were created to perform above the rest and give you an outstanding experience that will keep you craving time behind the wheel. This specific product was designed to lower the rear end of your SUV an adjustable -1" to -3.5" so you are able to customize the height as you desire. This is achieved by a patented height changing ring system that has been used in previous models and proven great longevity over the years. With adjustable height comes mirroring bump stop engagement. By equipping the strut with a high quality, progressive rate polymer, open cell bump stop and accommodating packer rings, Belltech has perfected bump stop engagement at all height options. Belltech's low speed preset compression damping configuration adds to the feeling of a comfortable ride by improving your SUV's stability and handling. The strut itself is powder coated to give it a dignified look as well as provide it with a long-lasting finish to shield from dirt and debris. It also features a spring perch that has been designed to pair flawlessly with your OE springs without having to cut or modify them. The 25022 is also sold in a set paired with two 25019 front end lowering struts providing a complete lowering suspension option for both 2WD and 4WD 2020-2021 Tahoe or Yukon 1500s. At Belltech, we know are customers are unique and we are determined to give you as many choices as possible so you can customize as you like and satisfy your particular needs.

  • Street Performance Rear Lowering Strut
  • 2021+ Tahoe or Yukon 1500 2WD/4WD
  • Lowers -1" to -3.5" using patented ring system
  • Progressive rate polymer, open cell bump stop
  • Packer rings for perfected bump-stop engagement
  • Improved overall handling and ride quality
  • Reduces body roll
  • Pairs with 25019 front struts for complete suspension option
  • Low speed preset compression damping
  • Powder coated for longevity
  • To be used with OE springs

NOTE: Does not fit Magneride or Adaptive Air Ride vehicles


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