Pre-Runner Parts

One fun sport to do is off-road racing. These trucks haul all over the world, flying over dirt and asphalt tracks with lots of dips, turns and slides. It's fun to watch, but being there is even better. Thing is, those trucks have a lot of expensive things done to them, and if they break, it can get pricey fast. Somewhere along the way, race crews decided that if they wanted to test drive the course before a race, they needed a cheaper way to do it. So they built a truck that was very similar to the race truck from a suspension perspective, and would use that to "pre-run" the course. And that's how the pre-runner was created.

What parts do you need to build a pre-runner? Well there are a lot of different options. You need to build your suspension up for long-travel excursions, which means digging into parts like uniballs, stainless steel brake lines, shock hoops and the like. There's a lot that goes into building your ideal pre-runner.

But you also don't want to forget about the bigger stuff, like the rear end. See, pre-runners can take a lot of abuse, and you need a beefy axle to handle the loads. For that, you want something that's been properly supported and rewelded such that it won't buckle over a jump or break the axle shafts on the inside. Plus, these housings can be fitted with whatever gears you like, making them suitable for cruising on the road, or full-on off-road adventures.

The are a ton of different pre-runner parts out there, and we've got a lot of them on this site. But if you can't find what you're looking for, give one of our suspension experts a call and they'll help you out.

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