Tubular A Arms

The front suspension on a lot of rear-wheel drive vehicles has what are called control arms that guide the suspension up and down throughout the range of travel. And in the center of the lower control arm is a pocket for a spring. The spring sits in a pocket on the frame, so as it oscillates, the control arm moves up and down. Also? Control arms go by "A arms" because of their shape.

So what's a tubular A arm then? Your typical control arm was built in a factory and stamped out of metal. It's strong enough to last for decades, but it's not always very pretty. If you want your suspension to look a lot better and be built with more modern materials, look at tubular A arms. These usually have either the same geometry as the original arms and are a ton better in appearance, or have improved the geometry for better handling. In both scenarios, the new arms are super strong and look great.

Some other benefits include things like mounts for replacement ball joints. On some upper tubular A arms there are holes so you can bolt in a set of factory replacement ball joints easily, as opposed to drilling out rivets like you'd have to do with the originals. On lower tubular A arms the spring pocket is still in the same location, but it's also beefed up for added strength. And if you want to lower your car or truck, some kits have spring pockets that sit lower, giving you a bit of a drop in the process.

To sum it all up, tubular A arms look better, are built with more modern materials and can improve your handling. Isn't that reason alone to upgrade your ride? We think so, and we bet that once you look into it further, you'll agree.

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