Leveling Kits

So here's the problem: Your truck is built so that as you're driving around town it looks perfectly level. Thing is, it isn't. Instead, the suspension is designed so that the rear end is up higher than the front. That way, once you load it up with gravel, bricks or whatever, it will be physically level. Basically, the manufacturers are trying to have it both ways, and essentially, it works.

But you don't want something stock, so the solution is a leveling kit. The idea here is that you want your truck to actually be physically level all the time. That means your rear end will measure roughly the same height off the ground as the front end. And depending on how you want your truck to look, you can do that one of two ways.

Want to go higher? Then get a front lift leveling kit. These bring up the front end to match the rear. It gives you the performance of a lifted truck, but it's also substantially cheaper than a kit that would raise up the entire vehicle. They're also typically easier to install. For example, with a strut-based full-size Chevy truck, you unbolt the top of the strut, add the lift kit and you're good to go.

If you want to go the other direction, then a rear lowering kit is your best choice. This does the opposite thing as the front leveling kit, and instead lowers the rear end of your ride. This way you'll get the lower look you want, and still be able to cruise in comfort.

No matter which way you go, we've got a leveling kit for you. Just pick the category you want and we'll give you the best options for your vehicle.

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