Lift Kits

Let's say that you've got a truck or car, and you want to get some extra ground clearance. If so, then you want a lift kit. But which one do you choose and how do you figure out what's going to be the best for your project?

First, start with the number. All of our lift kits tell you how much lift you're going to get. Let's say that you've got a Cadillac Escalade and you want to go up a little bit bigger. If leveling out your SUV is your preference, then you can get a leveling kit that will lift the front up just 2.25 inches. But what if you want to go bigger? No problem, we've got a 7-inch lift kit that'll go even higher.

Your next few decisions are pretty straightforward. Do you have a two- or four-wheel drive vehicle? Make sure that the lift kit you want to use has an option for what you own. Do you need extra parts to make it work? Sometimes you'll have to get a driveshaft part or something similar, so factor that into your buying decision as well. And then it's down to what size wheels you want to use. Some kits will specify the wheel and tire combos that you can safely run, otherwise you risk having problems with interference.

We have lots of lift kits for you to choose from. Whether you've got a Chevy, Toyota or even a Subaru, it's all here. Take your time, pick out what's going to accomplish your goals and you'll be just fine. And at the end of it all, you'll have a pretty killer looking ride, and that's always the goal, right?

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