Pre-Runner Kits

Let's take a moment to talk about pre-runners. The basic idea is that, when going off road for races, a vehicle needed to be capable of running the track before the actual race truck, but it didn't need to be as hardcore. In most cases, it was a truck that looked and functioned just like their race truck, and was used to figure out if there were obstacles to look out for, dips in turns or whatever.

Well pre-runners became popular among the rest of us, and now there are pre-runner kits out there that let you turn your truck into a civilian version of the race truck. You get a long-travel suspension that lets you handle dips, dives and all sorts of other fun off-road tricks. The various components that make up the kits are also of the highest quality. Stainless steel brake lines, for example, don't flex like rubber lines, making them more efficient. The billet aluminum upper a-arm found in some kits is light and efficient. And you also get uniballs in some scenarios, which allow the suspension to cycle further than you could with a traditional ball joint setup.

Other things to note about our pre-runner kits are shock hoops, long-travel leaf springs and how everything comes with grade 8 hardware so you know it won't break. And if you don't like those options, you can upgrade to a multi-link suspension, bigger brake rotors and even fabricated rear end housings in some scenarios. There really are a lot of options to choose from.

Not everybody is into the lifted truck thing, but pre-runner trucks are here to stay. They're fun to drive, durable and look killer. If you want to turn your truck into a pre-runner, then you need one of our pre-runner kits. It's the best way to go.

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