Stock Height Parts

When you visit a place like The Suspension Shop, it's probably to get something to customize your car or truck, right? So why would we ever carry stock height parts? Well, that's actually a pretty easy answer to give: You might need them.

Here's one scenario. Say you bought yourself a '67 C-10 with the intent of restoring it back to factory condition. Problem is, somebody previous owner heated up the stock springs with a torch and installed a garbage set of spindles. So how do you fix that problem? You buy yourself some stock spindles and coil springs, both of which are stock height parts. And guess where you can find them? Right here.

Now let's play out scenario two: You buy a set of spindles and you're happy with them. But a few years later you decide you want to go in a different direction, and to do that, you'll need another set of spindles. After all, you threw out the stockers a long time ago, or maybe tossed them in a box in your garage, which means they're lost forever for all intents and purposes. But stock spindles aren't easy to find in junkyards for your particular ride, so you need an option. Ta-da! And just like a fancy magician, here we are.

Of course, there are tons of other reasons why you might need stock height parts, so we're not going to go into all of them here. But whether you need springs, spindles or something else, if you need stock height parts, this should be your starting point. And if you can't find what you need for one reason or another, give one of our friendly sales staff a ring. They can usually set you up with what you need for the right price.

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