Front Disc Brake Kits

What's a front disc brake kit? Let's take a moment to break it down. See, most cars and trucks have one of two options: Drum brakes and disc brakes. If it's a newer car, up front it almost certainly has discs. But if not, well chances are pretty good it's running drum brakes, and that's not a good thing. Drum brakes can fade from excessive use, making it difficult to stop a heavier vehicle once it gets going. The solution is to get a front disc brake kit that swaps out all the old stuff with newer, safer materials.

It starts with the discs themselves, and there are a few different flavors. You can get stock discs, which work just fine and get the job done. If you want to upgrade, look into cross drilled rotors. The holes in the rotors help vent the gasses that are built up when the caliper clamps down, allowing you to brake harder and faster than otherwise. They also look super cool, which is a nice side benefit.

Then you've got other parts involved with your front disc brake kits. Some cars may require new hubs. Those are the parts that spin on your spindle and contain your wheel studs. If your car or truck needs them, then they're in the kit. Brackets are another common add-on, which give you a spot to mount your calipers and any other accessories required for the conversion. New brake lines are also in most kits, which upgrade what you had with nice, new stuff. And, of course, there are all the other seals, bolts and hardware that's required to put everything together, and it's all in the box, too.

Converting your car or truck to a better braking system with a front disc brake kit is an excellent improvement for your vehicle. Not only will you get better brakes, but it also is a safer option for you and your passengers.

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