Lowering Parts

Know what's hot right now? Lowering your car or truck. Of course, it's been hot for the better part of four decades now, but whatever. Point is, lowering your ride is where it's at. But how do you do that? You get the right lowering parts, of course. And if you need them, we've got them in stock and ready to go.

So what kind of lowering parts are there, anyway? Let's start up front with spindles. Also called steering knuckles, they're the connection between the upper and lower control arms on some cars and trucks. We sell dropped spindles, which lower the car usually around 2 inches. The best part? Your ride isn't changed at all. You can have a ride that's exactly like you'd get from the factory, but an inch or two lower. That's awesome.

Also up front are dropped coils, another classic lowering part. These are shorter springs than you'd get from the factory, which lower the ride height of your vehicle. We sell a ton of these for trucks where you've usually only got coils up front, but cars can have them all the way around (we sell those, too). Installing coil springs can be a DIY thing depending on the vehicle, and the results are great.

Out back there are lowered springs, as mentioned before, but sometimes they're lowered leaf springs. Or, if you want to work with your stock leaf springs, you can install a flip kit, dropped shackles or any number of other things that lower the rear end of your vehicle. Sure, leaf springs are more common in trucks, but there are lots of options out there, and we've got a ton for you to choose from.

Lowering parts come in a lot of different shapes, colors, sizes and variations, and we do our best to stock most of them. So what do you need for your ride? It depends. But rest assured, if there's a lowering part out there, we've got it or can get it.

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