Rear Air Bag Helper Kits

Let's say that you've got a truck — wild assumption, sure. You've decided that you need a way to haul things around town, whether it's in the bed or on a trailer. But as you get into that process, you realize that the leaf springs can't support as much weight as you need to carry. You need some kind of kit that will lift up the rear of your truck on demand and give you that extra capacity. What you should get is a rear air bag helper kit.

The key word there is "helper." Rear air bag helper kits aren't designed to support the entire weight of the truck. Those airbags aren't replacements for the factory leaf springs. No, they enhance your truck's ability to carry a load. And it's pretty smart how the whole thing works. On most kits, these airbags bolt to either your axle or your leaf spring (or even inside your coil springs), then the frame. Most of the time, your airbags don't do anything but chill out. After all, you're not loading the bed with cinderblocks every day. But when you do need a little bit of extra help, that's when the magic happens.

Once you know you're going to carry a heavier load, just put some air into the airbags with an air management kit or manually with a home or gas station compressor. With the bags loaded up, you can load down your bed, making it easier on you and your truck. The same applies when you want to tow something that your truck isn't normally used to pulling. Just air it up and call it good.

If you need a little bit more capacity when towing, a rear air bag helper kit is the way to go. Even if you rarely use it, when you do have occasion to need it, you'll be grateful you installed the kit.

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