Rear Disc Brake Kits

Now if you own a car that's newer than 2000, you might be wondering why anyone in the world would want a rear disc brake kit. Doesn't their car already come with rear discs? But no, you would be wrong. In fact, there are millions of cars and trucks out there that were never available with anything but rear drums. Now drum brakes are fine, but over time and when overly stressed they can fade, decreasing your braking power. And if your car has drum brakes on all four corners? Then yeah, an upgrade is in order.

Therefore, upgrading your drum brakes with a rear disc brake kit is a substantial improvement. Not only do you get a more modern, safer braking system, but your car or truck becomes more drivable, too. And if you've got a show vehicle, then upgrading to a rear disc brake kit gives you a more appealing setup.

So what's all involved in one of these kits? Well since it's on the back of your car or truck, chances are pretty good that it'll be mounted to a straight axle. That means you'll need mounting brackets for the rear disc brake calipers, new brake lines and even possibly a new e-brake cable (depending on the kit). There's also the hardware that you'll need to install it all, including those copper washers that are required on the brake lines. Basically, it's everything you'll need to swap out your old drum brakes with a fresh rear disc brake kit.

Upgrading your brakes is a real safety issue, but it also adds looks and style to your car or truck. If you've got drum brakes on the rear of your ride, you should heavily consider a rear disc brake kit. They're affordable, can be installed in just a few hours and they perform great, too.

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