Disc Brake Parts

What are disc brakes, anyways? Well they're what stops your car or truck when you push on that rectangular pedal, but basically you've got a spinning disc (hence the name) that's surrounded by a caliper and brake pads. When you hit the pedal, the caliper clamps the pads onto the disc, slowing down the vehicle. But what kind of disc brake parts do you need? Well that depends on what you're doing.

First, there are the discs themselves, also called the rotors. In the aftermarket world, you can get cross drilled rotors. What does that mean? Well the cross drilling helps to expel some of the gasses that build up when the pads compress down. This means you can stop faster, and that's a goal we all should strive for.

Speaking of, there are brake brackets that hold brake calipers, too. These are made for cars or trucks that originally had drum brakes, but the owner wants to upgrade to discs instead. After all, disc brakes are far superior than drums, and provide a much better stopping experience. One of the disc brake parts that we carry are brackets, so take a look to see if we've got what you need.

Another important pair of parts of the disc brake parts ecosystem are the brake booster and master cylinder. The booster multiplies the power you're able to apply to the pedal, making the braking experience a much less manual thing. And a master cylinder diverts the brake fluid to the appropriate area, distributing it as necessary. Having a functional brake booster and master cylinder is critical to having a well tuned disc brake system.

What disc brake setup is best for you? Look for your make and model first, then start digging in. We've got lots of stuff to choose from, and if you can't find it here, give one of our suspension experts a call and they'll hook you up.

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