Chevrolet Impala 1959-1964 Ridetech Complete Air Suspension System

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Fits: Chevrolet Impala, Bel Air, Biscayne, El Camino, Kingswood, Brookwood, Nomad, Parkwood, Wagon, "B" Body Platform 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964

This Air Suspension System is specifically designed for the 1959-1964 Chevy "B" Body cars and includes everything needed to provide an ultra-low show stance while maintaining excellent ride quality and handling. The system contains front tubular upper and lower control arms, front & rear sway bars, front and rear HQ Series shocks, front and rear air spring w/ brackets, rear tubular trailing arms and an adjustable panhard bar. The benefit of buying a complete suspension system is that it takes all of the guesswork out when purchasing a new suspension. Ridetech has spent hours collecting data to find the perfect components to acheive maximum vehicle performance and ride quality.


The Upper StrongArms feature corrected ball joint angles and the upper ball joint have been moved back to allow for additional caster setting to improve high speed stability and steering feel. They are powder coated satin black and fully assembled with ball joints, injection molded Delrin bushings and cross shafts; ready for installation.
The Lower StrongArms feature a double sheer lower mount for increased strength. They are powder coated satin black and fully assembled with ball joints, injection molded Delrin bushings and cross shafts; ready for installation.

Front and Rear CoolRide systems utilizes Firestone air springs and application specific bolt-on mounting brackets.
HQ Series Shocks utilize an aluminum body and Monotube design to deliver excellent ride quality and handling. They allow fine tuning of the rebound dampening to adjust ride quality and handling. They come standard with a 1,000,0001 Mile Warranty. Bolt-on brackets are included to relocate the front shocks to the rear side of the lower StrongArms. The rear shocks simply bolt in place of the factory shocks.

The Rear StrongArms provide added strength to help get the power to the pavement. They utilize R-Joint Technology to provide smooth operation and reduce roll bind. The lower arms feature the air spring bracket for which bolts in place of the stock coil springs, keeping the load where is belongs. An adjustable panhard bar is included to allow the axle to centered at the new ride height.

Front & Rear MuscleBars are included to replace the tiny factory sway bars (Many of these cars did not even have factory sway bars.) They feature significantly higher rates, performance end links and Delrin lined bushings.


Must be used with 1959-1964 stock spindles.
If utilizing the stock style power steering (with the assist cylinder), an additional bracket will be required. Part # 11059121
Some cars have two rear upper control arms and will need an additional StrongArm. Part # 11066698
To complete this Air Suspension system please choose from one of our Compressor Systems.


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