Chevrolet Nomad 1955-1957 Street Grip Performance Suspension - Ridetech Part# 11015010

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Fits: Chevrolet Nomad 1955, 1956, 1957

One of the most revolutionary vehicles of its day, the TRi-5 remain some of the most popular vehicles for collectors and hot rodders alike. Despite setting many records in its heyday, the Tri-5's of today definitely need some help in the suspension department. Ridetech is here to help with an affordable, precise solution. 

Kit Includes: (2x) tall upper balljoints, (8x) Delrin control arm bushings, (2x) front dual-rate coil springs, (2x) front adjustable HQ Fox Racing performance shocks, (1x) front swaybar, (2x) Delrin swaybar bushings (2x) swaybar endlinks , (2x) composite rear leaf springs, (2x) leaf spring shackles, (12x) Delrin leaf spring bushings, (2x) rear adjustable HQ Fox Racing performance shocks w/ staggered mounts

Notes: FAQ Section For Ride Tech StreetGrip Systems......... CLICK HERE


Height Specs After Install:

Year Model Tire Size Ride Height
 Front  Rear Front Rear
1955 Chevy (Tri-5) 225/70R15 245/60R15 26″ 19″


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