Dual Compressor Wiring Kit; 4 AWG

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Product Overview

We’re not just salespeople – we’re hardcore enthusiasts!  To that end, we’re excited to offer a pair of ALL NEW air compressor wiring kits that meet our criteria as Best in Class – the finest you can buy at any price!

We designed each of these ALL NEW kits from the ground up to include everything that you need to wire your compressor(s) correctly the very first time.  Each kit includes a complement of the very same cable, wire, components, and parts that we use in the shop when doing a custom installation.  No trips to the auto parts store.  No trips to the hardware store.  Everything you need is in the box.  We’ve spared no expense, using only the highest quality parts and components available.

Each kit includes complete full color step-by-step instructions so that your installation will go smoothly and effortlessly.  In addition, no specialized tooling is necessary to install the kit – only common hand tools found in any enthusiast’s toolbox.

Main power wire length is 20ft


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