Ford F-150 2015-2020 4WD Belltech Trail Performance 6-7" Lift Kit

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Product Overview

Fits: Ford F-150 4WD: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Belltech Complete Lift Kits w/ Rear Trail Performance Shocks

Belltech is excited to announce that we have extended our Lift Kit product line to include Suspension Lift Kit Systems for the 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150. Our Lift Kits are engineered in the US, and this suspension lift kit system is the best riding lift kit on the market - period. We are the only 7" Lift Kit out there that is adjustable and does not require rack correction! Our Belltech engineers were able to achieve a full 7" lift without requiring rack correction with our innovative, progressive steering stop. Normally, for a full 7" of lift on the F150 platform, the lower control arm will interfere with the coil spring at full lock and full droop, requiring a rack correction adapter. With Belltech's proprietary, progressive steering stop, this doesn't happen, requiring no steering rack correction.

Belltech's precisely engineered lift kits include our patented front, height changeable, Trail Performance adjustable struts, and rear Trail Performance Twin Tube shocks. The front adjustable Trail Performance struts are modifiable in ½" increments allowing you to dial in the perfect ride height for you. These lift kits not only improve your ride quality but also retain factory alignment adjustability and specifications, retain the factory track width, and most importantly, do not induce bump steer! Bump steer occurs when your truck's wheels steer themselves without your input from the steering wheel, causing a sloppy steering and ride experience. Our Belltech lift kit keeps the steering nice and tight.

The replacement spindles were purposely engineered to improve strength and reduce weight while enhancing durability. Many lifted vehicles experience a restricted turning radius. Belltech Lift Kits eliminate this limitation because they are engineered to maintain the factory steering angle.

The kits include a ¼" thick laser-cut skid plate to protect your ride's front differential when tackling off-road terrain. Belltech spindles keep the ball joint angles within spec, so no replacement ball joints are needed. Rounding out the front end, we also include a one-piece differential drop down bracket that maintains proper driveline and axle angles, our ¼" thick high-clearance cross-members, and a billet aluminum driveshaft spacer.

In the rear, lift blocks and longer, heavy-duty U-bolts level the truck's stance, recenter the wheel in the wheel well and change the pinion angle to prevent driveshaft vibrations. Our Belltech twin-tube custom-tuned shocks complete our suspension system. Belltech Lift Kits also include Compression Arms to increase chassis rigidity, which improves ride quality and handling. The kits also contain rear bump stop spacers, rear brake line relocation brackets, and high-quality hardware.

Another great benefit of our Belltech Lift Kits is they are an easy to install, direct bolt on solution (Heavy-duty, high-quality hardware), that requires minimal cutting and no welding. Our Belltech Suspension Lift Kits also feature a Lifetime Warranty - so you're covered, no matter what.

This lift kit does not fit on trucks equipped with diesel engines or vehicles equipped with rear air-ride systems.

Tire & Wheel Combinations

  • 35x12.50 w/18x9 or 20x9 and 4.5-5" backspacing
  • 37x12.50 w/20x9 and 5.5.-5.75" backspacing
  • 35 x 12.50 w/20x9 and 4.5-5.75" backspacing
  • Trimming may be required
  • Precision designed and engineered in the USA
  • Includes custom engineered front height adjustable Trail Performance struts and rear Trail Performance twin tube shocks
  • Height adjustable for maximum customization - No strut spacers needed
  • One-piece differential drop down bracket
  • Maintains OE front differential geometry
  • Easy to install and align
  • Retains OEM CV angles
  • Improved ride quality over factory
  • Maintains factory turning radius


 This lift kit does not fit on trucks equipped with diesel engines or vehicles equipped with rear air-ride systems.


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