Ford F-150 2021-2023 Belltech 0"-3.5" Front Coil Over Lowering Kit

$40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Fits: Ford F-150 2WD 2021, 2022, 2023

Belltech Part# 15028

Lowering your 2021+ Ford F150 2WD gives it an aerodynamic and sportier look. Lowering your truck with Belltech's coilovers, made specifically for your Ford F150, means infinitely more. Our research and development department has taken great care to create coilovers that improve ride quality, reduce body roll, and elevate performance. Relentless innovation is the first of our core values and it is exemplified in this kit. Every detail of these coilovers has been thought out and improved upon to produce a complete product with impressive quality. The damper used in this design is none other than Belltech's Street Performance damper. It is perfectly tuned to produce ideal damping at any of the optional ride heights. To pair with the customizable heights are adjustable packers and a progressive rate polymer, open cell, bump stop. These are used together to fine-tune the bump stop engagement and substantially reduce any feelings of pavement irregularities. Belltech's high tensile steel springs are powder coated so dirt and debris do not age them. The springs are coupled with a smaller, helper spring which assists the main spring by keeping tension on it when the suspension is at full extension. The top mounts mirror their OE counterpart which makes for easy installation. Pair the seamless look of your lowered truck with the feel of a luxury sports car and you will be in awe of your vehicle's new overall handling.

  • Street Performance dampers
  • Perfected preset damping forces
  • Lowering adjustability -1" to -3.5"
  • Reduces body-roll
  • Improves handling and performance
  • Progressive rate polymer, open cell, bump stop
  • Easy installation
  • Powder coated for longevity
  • High tensile steel spring



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