Ford Mustang 1964-1970 Ridetech Bolt on Rear 4 link

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Product Overview

Fits: Ford Mustang 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970

Muscle cars have always been the backbone of hotrodding...and now they are hotter than ever! The problem is nobody wants to put up with the ride quality, handling, and braking technology of 40 years ago. After driving a new Camaro or Mustang, the compromises of a standard leafspring suspension just doesn’t cut it! Now there is a solution......

The Ridetech Bolt-On 4-Link installs onto the oem leafspring mounts of your prized musclecar... no cutting, no fabrication, just 4 small tabs to weld to the axle for your upper bars. The ride height of your car is typically lowered by approximately 2”. The ride quality is dramatically improved over stock... instead of a wallowing soft ride you’ll experience a crisp, controlled ride quality that will inspire more confidence for performance driving.

The area of largest improvement is the handling and cornering performance. The system eliminates the oem leafspring and replaces them with a 4 link rear suspension. The 4 link bars offer more precise positioning of the rear axle to eliminate flexing and increase stability through the corners. When combined with a ShockWave or a Ridetech Coil-Over front suspension kit your classic musclecar can now enjoy the benefits of modern handling and ride quality technology.

If you want your classic muscle car to ride and drive like a modern performance car, the Bolt-On 4-Link system is the perfect solution!

We wouldn’t expect you to bolt on any suspension component that we haven’t thoroughly tested. We regularly use our cars in a wide range of performance driving environments, as well as plain ol’ highway time. Our 4-link systems have proven time and time again to provide not only ground shaking traction, but a great highway ride as well.


Equip ShockWaves or Coilovers

The Ridetech Bolt-On 4-Link is designed to fit a variety of RideTech shock and spring solutions. There are two inital choices when setting up a 4-link: coil or air springs. If you are looking for an adjustable air solution you will want to add ShockWaves. If your looking for simplicty of a coil-over, we have that too.

The ShockWave

is a coil-over replacement that will allow you to change spring rates on the fly. It also allows the vehicle to deflate to typically 5-6” lower than stock. The ShockWave comes in a variety of options, each with their advantages. Below are the ShockWave systems that, with a Ridetech 4-Link, will complete your rear suspension. *Note: 4-Link ShockWaves will only fit a Ridetech 4-link system.

The RideTech Coil-Over

The new RideTech Coil-Over is available for the AirBar as well. The coil-over shock comes in adjustable and non-adjustable styles. The adjustable shock allows for you to tune in your preferred shock damping, for ride quality or performance. While the non-adjustable shock will be tuned for the best ride quality possible. *Note: 4-Link coil-overs will only fit a Ridetech 4-link system.


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