Heavy Duty Choppin Block Parallel 4 Link W/ Panhard Bar

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Product Overview

Parallel Bar 4-Link W/Panhard Bar; 1.5" Heavy Duty Bars .121 Wall

Adjustable Bars 26" to 28" 1.5" DOM .150 Wall

40" Curved Pan Hard Bar Helps with Differential Clearance

Parallel 4 Link kits work great in applications that require clearance inside the frame rails for your factory gas tank. This 4-link built by Choppin Block is great for high HP applications as well as 1/2 ton and heavy duty trucks. Made from 1.5" Tube & Includes Grade 8 Hardware, 4 Parallel Bars and one angled pan hard bar which can be cut to fit universally to fit all applications. Everything you need is included down to the bearing grease. A truly complete kit. Requires welding. Professional installation recommended. 

Available in Seamed Tubing or Upgrade to Drawn Over Mandrel "DOM" Tubing for added strength

Seamed Tubing P# 1114
DOM Tubing P# 1255


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