Lincoln Continental 1961-1963 BC Fab Rear Triangulated 4 Link Kit

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Fits: Lincoln Continental 1961, 1962, 1963

The Lincoln Continental is one of America's most iconic automobiles - it was the height of luxury and technology when launched, and the body style is timeless and classic.

Unfortunately, it's also one of the most difficult cars to drop on the ground!  Unibody construction combined with leaf spring rear suspension, and a gas tank located right behind the axle all conspire to scare away many people from putting air suspension on their ride.

BUT NO MORE!  We've developed a triangulated 4 link system that utilizes factory structural points, places the airbags in a leveraged mounting for a great ride, and retains factory shock and gas tank locations.

This kit includes lower link bars fabricated using DOM tubing, with beefy urethane bushings at each end.  These bars mount to a bracket that bolts directly in place of the factory leaf spring mount on the subframe, and to a new bracket that welds on the axle in place of the stock spring perch.  The lower bars also have a mount for the included Air Lift airbag.  The airbags mount up top to a new crossmember that ties into the subframe rails- this crossmember runs the width of the car and also contains the upper link bar mounts.  The upper links utilize 3/4" Cromoly heim joints with misalignment spacers to eliminate binding. Also included is a new upper subframe crossmember/shock mount and a pair of shocks.

The entire link is fully adjustable, and will allow your car to drop from the ground to nearly stock height.  There is some welding required- the upper and lower link mounts on the axle housing will need to be welded into place.


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