Oldsmobile Cutlass 1964-1967 Street Grip Performance Suspension - Ridetech Part# 11235010

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Fits: Oldsmobile Cutlass 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967

Of the over 4 million GM A-body models made, Ridetech has seen and driven more than thier fair share. They also know that many owners don't want to turn thier ride into a hardcore pro touring cone chaser; they just want a great stance, a smooth ride with the ability to handle corners with ease, and bragging rights when bench racing with tier buddies. The StreetGrip Performance Suspension System meets and exceeds those expectations. After years of A-body experience both on the track and off, Ridetech knows that this system is exactly what your car needs.

Kit Includes: (2x) tall upper balljoints, (8x) Delrin control arm bushings, (2x) front dual-rate coil springs, (2x) front adjustable HQ Fox Racing performance shocks, (1x) front swaybar, (2x) Delrin swaybar bushings (2x) swaybar endlinks ,(2x) rear dual-rate coil springs, (2x) rear adjustable HQ Fox Racing performance shocks, (1x) rear swaybar 

Notes: CHECK YOUR LOWER CONTROL ARM BUSHING STYLE - Current Design is for the ROUND bushings only, OVAL bushing design is in R & D and will be released soon. 

MOST 64-67 GM A-bodies require a rear spring that has a "pigtail" on the bottom and is "open" on the top.

ALL 68-72 GM A-bodies require a rear spring that is "pigtail" on the top AND bottom.

SOME 67 GM A-bodies require a rear spring that is "pigtail" on the top AND bottom.

This is very easily determined by looking at the stock springs.  If the car had pigtail/pigtail springs and a pigtail/open spring is installed, the car will sit about 2" too high.

For more information on determining which type you need, please call your Suspension Specialist 800-928-1984.  When ordering online, please note which springs you need on your order; if no notation is made, the standard style spring for your kit will be shipped.

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