Universal Torsion Bar BC Fab Front Air Bag Brackets

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Product Overview

Our torsion bar Airbag Brackets are built to adapt to most torsion bar equipped trucks, which include Nissans, Toyota's up to 95, Isuzu's, Mazda's, Ford's 82 and earlier, and Chevy's 81 and earlier. Our Brackets utilize a lower plate for the control arm and an upper frame-mounted plate with triangular gussets for reinforcement. All holes for the Airbag are slotted for maximum adjustability after installation, as space can be kind of tight on most trucks. Unlike some Brackets on the market, ours do not bolt into the upper shock tower mount! That style of bracket has been known to fail in catastrophic ways, tearing the tower from the frame! These Brackets are a weld-on application, and should be installed by an experienced welder.


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