Accuair e-Level+ Connect

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Product Overview

Accuair e-Level+ Connect is the Base Control for your air suspension system. The included ECU will connect to your smart phone or tablet via an embedded Bluetooth 5.0 connection and when paired with the e-Level+ App will allow precise control of your air suspension system. It doesn't stop there, combine the e-Level+ Connect with an e-Level+ Height kit and you now have full auto leveling capabilities. Want a dedicated controller? No problem, upgrade to the e-Level+ Touchpad for a dedicated handheld or mountable solution.

e-Level+ is the highly anticipated next generation air suspension controller from Accuair built on the longest running foundation of technology in the industry. This new generation control system is Bluetooth 5.0 enabled and provides a simpler user experience, with even better performance and reliability, while answering the requests of customer from every corner of the globe. Whether you choose to start simple with the upgradable e+ Connect wireless switchbox or opt to start with the best by adding height sensors and the next level Touchpad+, you will be guaranteed to find the features and value that meet your needs. As always, you can count on the most accurate air suspension controller in the world from Accuair and you'll drive comfortably and consistently knowing that the core of every e-Level+ system has been proven on more than 40,000 vehicles over 10 years.

Supersedes Accuair Part# AA-E+CONNECT

New Part # AA3639

e-Level+ ECU:

Embedded Bluetooth 5.0 (the power of our module is barely allowed by FCC so the range will be at least double any other systems on the market)
Customizable back lighting (RGB)
Anodized aluminum ECU enclosure
More robust hardware with full shutdown mode after 24 hours to prevent ANY battery draw.
Includes RS-485 communication connector to CVT (eliminates aa-c-adapter module).

e-Level+ App:

Multiple height display options
Tank pressure display
CVT status (temperature, hours, etc)
Vertical and Horizontal formats
Diagnostic screens for easy trouble shooting
Supports over the air updates (OTA) for the e-Level+ firmware itself (along with CVT and Touchpad)


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