Accuair e-Level+ Touchpad

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Product Overview

Accuair e-Level+ Touchpad. Fresh redesign with a smaller profile & magnetic abilities. What does that mean for you? This controller is compatible with all Schosche style cell phone mounts. Pretty cool huh !!! Accuair also upgraded it to include a flying lead cable to help eliminate accidental cord damage due to plugging in and out on handheld setups.

Supersedes Accuair Part# AA-E+TPAD-ST


Stainless Steel housing with new shape to match ECU. (Housing is magnetic to be compatible with Scosche style cell phone mounts)
Compressor status indicator LED indicates the status of your CVT or compressors
New housing has thinned out to 0.360" thick compared to the old version at 0.500" thick.
Flying lead for USB cable (no USB Mini connectors to damage)



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