Ford F-150 2021-2023 Street Performance Rear Lowering Shock

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Product Overview

Fits: Ford F-150 2021, 2022

The Belltech Street Performance lowering shock lineup has been engineered to provide a premium ride quality for todays trucks and SUV's. Our engineers focused their attention on tuning the low speed compression characteristics of this shock absorber, which is responsible for controlling your Sport Truck or SUV's pitch and roll, dive and squat to help keep you confident and in control. The "Progressive" rebound tuning will complement large aftermarket wheels, keeping the ride smooth but firm and in control.

Technology is constantly changing and improving. At Belltech, we are dedicated to staying ahead of the game and strive to be the very best at delivering exceptional performance and handling you can feel! Our Street Performance shocks are no exception. We have engineered a product that will continually deliver the driving experience you seek. Each shock is made of powder-coated, heavy-duty steel so it will last and not rust over time. The shock's 35mm independent valves and low friction design give it flawless damping, and the forces within each damper have been perfectly preset and tuned for your specific vehicle. Each shock also features a large 50mm body that holds increased amounts of oil. The purpose behind this is to keep the oil cool and give you outstanding suspension behavior even over long periods of time. A high durometer vulcanized rubber bushing is used to reduce unwanted noise, friction, and vibrations. To add strength and durability, a 15mm hardened chrome piston rod is applied. Keeping a shock clean and free of debris is also vital for its lifespan and performance, so a powder-coated dust boot creates a forcefield around the more crucial components. Create the ultimate driving machine with the help of our advanced Belltech Street Performance shocks.

  • Large, 50mm heavy-duty shock body
  • Greater oil capacity
  • Improves vehicle handling and performance
  • High durometer vulcanized rubber bushing
  • Powder coated for longevity
  • Rust resistant and made to be protected from dirt and debris
  • Perfectly dampened
  • Outstanding suspension behavior
  • Low friction design
  • Sturdy 15mm piston rod


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