Ford F-150 2021-2023 Belltech 2-5.5"/ 6.5" Street Performance Lowering Kit

$40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Fits: Ford F150 2wd 2021, 2022, 2023

Belltech Part# 1051SP

Outstanding performance, improved handling, and enhanced style are just a few of the upgrades you receive when swapping your OE suspension for Belltech's 2021+ Ford F-150 2WD complete lowering kit. Our kit lowers the front of your vehicle -2" to -5.5" and the rear -6.5", giving it a drastically improved appearance and a lower center of gravity. With Belltech suspension, we go well beyond looks and deliver the ride quality you have been dreaming of. Our kit includes Belltech preset Street Performance struts in the front and preset Street Performance shocks in the rear. This advanced, meticulous technology is what results in a smooth, even-feeling ride.

The front suspension includes our robust Belltech Street Performance struts. They are created with high-quality, multi-functional components that are built to last. Each strut features a large, 2" (50mm) damper body and 35mm independent rebound and compression valves. Together, these details keep oil cool and deliver precise, consistent damping throughout all journeys. Belltech uses a patented ring spacer design to offer height adjustability from 0" to -3.5" in half inch increments. Also included in the front end are two incredibly strong, ductile iron drop spindles. The spindles complete the total amount of front end lowering with another -2" by bringing your wheels' mounting position up higher and settling your vehicle closer to the ground.

The rear end of the vehicle showcases Belltech Street Performance shocks that are perfectly tuned for your Ford. They sport large 2.2" (55mm) damper bodies and use 35mm independent rebound and compression valves, to experience more exact, luxurious damping. Like the struts, our shocks are made with a low-friction design and are coated to prevent dust and other debris. To achieve -6.5" in lowering, Belltech includes an easy-to-install flip kit. The flip kit contains high-quality hardware and durable components. It seamlessly flips your leaf springs underneath your axle. Our Belltech C-Notch kit allows for additional compression or upward travel of your rear suspension when you remove a portion of your frame and use our bulletproof, stamped steel notch to replace it.

Using Belltech's 2021+ Ford complete lowering kit gives your truck an eye-catching appearance and extraordinary performance. You will be thoroughly impressed with the enhanced handling and smooth ride-feel, making you crave more time on the road.

  • Large bodied 2.0" (50mm) preset Street Performance struts in the front
  • Large bodied 2.2" (55mm) preset Street Performance shocks in the rear
  • 35mm independent rebound and compression valves
  • -2" to -5.5" drop in the front
  • -6.5" drop in rear
  • Robust drop spindles
  • Easy-to-install flip kit
  • C-Notch
  • Engineered to exemplify ride quality and performance
  • Provides exceptional appearance




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